Updated: Feb 13

Fashion shows have been held in unusual locations in the past. From the majestic Great Wall of China, Berlin’s underground metro system, children’s playground in Paris to China’s Whistling Snd Mountains, fashion has met gorgeous yet unique locations. The latest entrant to the list of unusual locations for fashion shows is Nepal’s, Mount Everest. The mountain country created history by hosting the first-ever fashion show at the highest altitude in the world. Known as the Mount Everest Fashion Runway this fashion show was held at a height of 5500m in the Himalayas. We proudly entered the Guinness Book of World Records for its Mt Everest Fashion Show partner.

If you’re wondering what was the purpose behind hosting a fashion show at such an altitude, well that was to raise awareness on climate change, coupled with a motive to boost Nepal’s image as a tourist destination to partake in all kinds of activities. The Mt Everest Fashion Show was also part of the Nepal Tourism Board’s Visit Nepal Year 2021 campaign. The fashion show featured models from not only Nepal but also from countries around the globe like Dubai, Germany, Finland, the UK, Italy...

The models showcased designs from KASA, a popular Nepali fashion brand. Yak wool and Nepali Pashmina were the materials used to design these clothes. The Senior Director of Nepal Tourism Board and the secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, were the dignitaries who graced this event.

A fashion show of such magnitude and altitude needed to be organized keeping the safety of people in mind. A team of more than 50 people first trekked from Lukla to 5,6km above sea level. They made sure that everything was organized well and things were under control. Apart from this, the team ensured that everyone was provided with sustainable clothes and people also used solar technology to limit pollution at Mt Everest. So it's truly remarkable that Nepal entered the Guinness World Book of Records for hosting a fashion show at the highest altitude in the world.

The fashion show was not only breathtaking for its gorgeous clothing line but most of all for its spellbinding location of Nepal’s Mt Everest. And if you’re itching to have a glimpse of this extraordinary fashion show, then you might have to wait a little longer since this fashion show will be telecast as a reality show in this year 2022.

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