Creating new relevant content for your channels can be hard. Read on for a guide on how to get those professional-looking photos through a DIY photoshoot for your brand: from planning to getting outstanding results.

1. Set your story and message

Ask yourself these questions: What is the story your brand is trying to communicate? What is the message you want to set across to your audience? What do you want to achieve through these pictures? Determine how do you want to make your audience feel, what are the emotions you are trying to portray, and keep in mind your brand’s strategy.

2. Get inspired

Explore Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. Refer to brands whose photographs you like and get inspiration from as many sources! You can take a look at what leading brands in your business are doing photography-wise or search popular photographs for your type of product. Then, decide if you want to do something similar or completely different. One good way is to create a mood board for the shooting.

3. Plan the logistics

Once you have an idea of what you want to do, ask yourself the rest of the golden Wh-questions: where, when, which, who, and how. Answering these questions will help you figure out the background, lighting, style, and more.

4. Focus on quality over quantity

Be detail-oriented and make sure you are getting good photos that you can actually use. Remember that superior product shots can be used for both online and offline marketing purposes. Less is more, and close-ups are generally better (and more attractive to the eye).

Furthermore, try to get a good ratio of landscape and portrait pictures so you can use them for multiple purposes (Instagram stories, ads, banners, brochures, etc.) without problems.

5. Relax and enjoy the process

Make sure you are enjoying the process while taking your brand’s pictures, don’t be afraid to test ideas that come to your head as you shoot. If you are shooting people then try different angles and poses to see what you like – especially when taking photos of yourself or your team, relax and let that personality show! If you are shooting products, try different backgrounds or different arrangements. Go with the flow while following the story you want to tell!

Get some BTS shoots!

If you can get someone to help you or you have an extra device you can use, take some Behind The Scenes snapshots of your DIY photoshoot. BTS pictures and videos are always fun and can be used for Stories to tease your products, or simply share candid moments with your audience.

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