Updated: Feb 11

The start of spring promises warmer weather, sunny skies, and a return to the outdoors.

Spring is also the official start to “Festival Season,” which most often refers to large outdoor music festivals, but also includes festivals for film, art, food, and more. We believe that this summer is going to be a big one for in-person events after the two pandemic years. Whether or not we can gather again in person or virtually for these upcoming festivals (Coachella, Cannes Film festival, Glastonbury, Lollapalooza, you name it!)

Let’s discuss how festival digital content can create to drive awareness & sales. The power of digital marketing allows you to reach a larger audience which should mean an increase in sales and brand awareness.

For inspiration & promotional content here are a few ideas on what type of content you can create for your festival season marketing activities.

  • Instagram posts & Reels

  • Landing page on your online store

  • Pinterest marketing, remember to start early!

  • Tiktok marketing, create fun videos with uplifting music!

  • Facebook marketing

  • Email marketing

  • Blog posts

  • Giveaways

Seasonal sales rely on your customers knowing about your products. So it’s your job to put your latest festival season offers front and center of your social media content during the festive shopping season. Not sure where to start? Try these ideas when filming your festive TikTok or Reels content:

• Using trending sounds to make a joke and capture the craziness of business during the festival season.

• Film videos that show the BTS of your business, from how you fulfill orders, make products all the way to when you ship them.

• Sing and dance along to your favorite Festival beets. Bonus points for colorful clothes and cool boots!

• Post a this-or-that video featuring popular festival choices. Boots or sneakers? shorts or skirt? back bag or crossbody bag?

Still, feeling lost in creating inspiring content? Let us help you here!