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Online Store Development for Brands

A well-functioning online store serves the customer, sells well and saves you time

Let's sell your business in the most effective way

Are you thinking of setting up an online store or do you want to develop your existing online store? We help you set up an online store that is easy for your customers to find and easy for both you and your customers to use. Whether it’s setting up a whole new online store or developing your existing online store, it’s important to us to make sure you reach your current and potential customers as effectively as possible.

What makes a successful 
online store? 
1. Is your online store easy to find to your customers? 

The first step in increasing your online store sales is to make sure your customers find your online store. Before setting up and developing an online store, we always find out with which keywords your potential customers are looking for your products. In addition, we're investigating if your current online store has technical features that we can fix to improve the search engine visibility of your online store.


2. A Great online store is users friendly

One of the most important success factors of e-commerce is its ease of use for the customer. How easy is it to buy? Does the customer have to do many, even unnecessary, operations before he can complete the order? Customers can not buy even good products if it is difficult to buy. In the e-commerce implementations we make, the purchasing process is as straightforward and easy as possible from the customer's point of view - both on a computer and a mobile device.

3. Create effective e-commerce marketing 

We’ll show you how to track the marketing of your online store, from individual marketing efforts to sales. For example, you can track which marketing channels get customers to your site and how much it costs to acquire an individual customer. We will install all the necessary tracking points in your online store and teach you how to track and report on your marketing performance.