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We are developing websites for new businesses to accelerate your company's trade and upgrading existing businesses websites with data based methods and eye catching designs

Websites that support your business and boost your sales

Planning to upgrade your website or creating new websites? Often, especially in website reform, the main thing to think about is the look and feel of the site. Appearance is important, of course, but good-looking pages won’t make a deal unless the right audience finds them or if the site doesn’t find content that interests them. If potential customers can't find your website, has the investment in your website been profitable? That’s why we always base website creation on data, that is, how and in what words your customers actually search for your products and services.

Our passion is to create websites for your business that are better found online than your competitors ’websites and that make a profit. Therefore, it is paramount that the home page project is started with a keyword mapping based on your business and your customers, as well as examining the state of the technical implementation of your current site, Site Structure, and many other factors that affect battery life. When creating websites, we make sure that your site is search engine optimised in every way and provides your business with the best possible starting point for competing online.

How we do it
1. Data-Based Planning 

We always build website implementations on data. In the kick-off meeting, we’ll take a closer look at what your business is, who your customers are, how your products or services solve your customers ’problems, and what your goals are. With this information, we'll find out if you can find online terms for your customers and what your current competitive situation is. We combine the data found online with your business goals, and we create a plan for you on the structure and content of your website that should be found on the page. Based on these, you will receive an offer for the implementation of the site.



2. Refining Details

We will refine the plan of the website with you, and we will agree in more detail on the division of responsibilities and schedule for the website. Less often, the implementation of a website comes from a single door, and we are used to collaborating with a number of different providers.

3. Executing 

Once all the parties involved in the implementation of the website have been identified and the division of responsibilities has been made, the implementation of the website itself will proceed. We coordinate the website project between the different providers so that each party stays on the map and the website goes according to plan. We will also keep you informed of the progress of the website and allow you to comment on the layout and content of the website at an early stage in the implementation of the website. 

4. Website Launch & Digital Marketing  

The homepage will be launched when the site is fully operational and we have received your approval for the publication. Finally, we'll walk you through editing your page and how you can track the performance of your site.

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