Digital Marketing Strategy

We make a concrete plan for digital sales and marketing development activities. 

How we do it

Detailed planning is the foundation for successful sales and marketing. Through data analyses we can gather the information of the competitive state of your company online. This shows how well your customers find your company in relation to your competitors and with what search terms. Learn how and why your customers find or don’t find your company’s products and services online. On the basis of fact-based analysis, development work to improve web visibility can be taken forward correctly - both technically and in terms of content. This gives the foundation for developing effective marketing.

Data-based audit reveals what can be improved on your website or online store. A digital sales and marketing plan defines your customers ’buying paths and appropriate marketing actions. A concrete plan tells you what sales and marketing measures your business should take, in what channels, and in what order. In addition, the plan sets out metrics to help you grow your business’s sales and marketing effectively.


Questions to ask from your business​

Do you know how to reach your customers relative to your competitors and how your customers could find you online even better? Have you wondered if you are talking to your customer in the right terms and how you would improve the sales process online and on your website. These questions you will find from your digital sales and marketing plan. The plan is based on data found online about your customers' buying behavior, as well as factors that affect the search engine friendliness of your website and online store. The plan gives you concrete steps to grow your revenue through digital sales and marketing.



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